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With the arrival of the month of February comes the intense feeling to show love. However, of recent, it has been discovered that showing of love does not necessarily mean giving of gifts. Sometimes, it’s the length we go to make people happy that matters. Doing the littlest thing could mean a lot.  The effort might be little but it sure gladdens the heart to know someone is thinking about you.

Rite Foods Limited has thought it wise to show love in the little way they can by appreciating the efforts of those that are always on their toes to make sure there is little or no traffic jam in some areas in Lagos. Rite Foods staff took over the job of traffic wardens for a few hours while they got refreshed with the Rite Foods gift packs containing Rite Foods range of products.

Rite and Bigi beef rolls are light, filling tasty snacks. Whether, on the go or at your comfort zone, Rite Foods’ tasty beef roll snacks will surely revitalize and energise your body all through the day.

You have not experienced the true purity of water until you’ve had Bigi Premium Drinking Water. Keeps the whole family replenished, hydrated and always refreshed. It is pure perfection, Rite Food’s Bigi Premium Drinking Water!

Fearless Energy Drinks are non-alcoholic energy beverages that provides you the needed boost whether you are at work, at training or sport, at play, at study, while in traffic, during the day and when it’s time for you to loosen up at night!

And when it is time to get down; whether at work or at play, Rite Foods’ Bigi Soft Drinks are quite the Beverage! They are made for a good time and to power you for refreshment necessary for a good time!

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